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FEVO to Introduce Generative AI for Ticketing and Social Commerce

FEVO has announced it will introduce generative artificial intelligence (AI) technology into its social commerce and ticketing platform. This groundbreaking innovation will leverage machine learning to enhance FEVO’s enterprise platform for merchants, providing sellers and marketers with unparalleled efficiency at every step of the consumer journey, from audience segmentation and targeting to the deployment of new sales campaigns.

Since its inception in 2016, FEVO has been a pioneer in social commerce, introducing industry-first sharing and networking tools into the ticketing process for more than 750 blue-chip brands in sports, music and live entertainment. Now, FEVO will bundle its sophisticated social-commerce tech with smart AI, another first in ticketing and live events.

FEVO’s mission from Day One has been to operate at the bleeding edge of culture and commerce, analyzing trends in technology and consumer behavior to better prepare its partners for the future of online shopping. And there is no technology trend more important in 2023 than Generative AI, which uses machine learning to analyze large amounts of data and then turn that data into new ideas, solutions and content.

FEVO plans to utilize generative AI in three key areas:

  • Massive Sales Productivity at Scale: FEVO’s generative AI will analyze data collected from millions of transactions and tens of thousands of campaigns to smartly automate the deployment of new sales campaigns within FEVO’s platform. With this tool, sellers and marketers will be able to rapidly access insights and data-driven recommendations at scale and then use that information to prompt FEVO to bulk-create offers as soon as the schedule drops, doubling down on past successes while identifying and eliminating content that underperformed.

  • Segmentation and Marketing Intelligence: FEVO’s generative AI will also analyze consumer journeys from its vast commerce and interest graph to target specific segments and users. By leveraging machine-learning algorithms, FEVO will create personalized, relevant marketing campaigns (e.g., identifying a brand’s existing super-users and mobilizers and then targeting likeminded individuals off-platform) that drive engagement, increase conversion rates and enhance the overall customer experience.

  • Amplifying the Purchaser Graph via the AI Social CheckoutTM: FEVO’s flagship product, the Social Checkout allows fans to shop together on any website, recreating the interactive experience of in-person shopping online. FEVO plans to leverage generative AI to enhance its Social Checkout with personalized recommendations, tailored offers and real-time insights to improve the shopping experience for fans and drive more sales for merchants. And all of this happens on a brand’s O&O domain, turning every website we service into a social destination where reach is amplified through mutual interest.

    “At our very core, we are a productivity platform for merchants and consumers,” said FEVO CEO and Founder Ari Daie. “Our mission is to make our clients’ lives easier, and enabling AI on our platform will

radically give them hours back in their day, allowing them to create differentiated campaigns at scale in seconds to drive higher and more efficient sales for their organizations. That means more time to focus on the things that only a human can accomplish like cultivating relationships with their own customers, partners and networks.

“And for the consumers, we’ll leverage AI to make their transactions and interactions with the brands we service more intuitive, fun and seamless. Combined, these innovations will have multiplier effects on a loyalty, revenue and consumer satisfaction.

FEVO’s generative AI technology is expected to launch this summer and is set to reshape the ticketing and social commerce industry.

About FEVO

FEVO is helping the biggest brands in the world reimagine online shopping. Our Social CheckoutTM makes it easy for fans to shop together on any ticketing website, restoring the vital human elements of in- person shopping without sacrificing the efficiency and convenience of e-commerce. Since launching in 2016, FEVO has become a dominant force in live events, helping 700+ blue-chip brands in sports, music and entertainment sell more than 15 million tickets to 4 million consumers. For more information, visit